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At Hartstein Photography, one of the big goals is to be the top choice for birth photography in the Michiana area.  It's important to me that I bring the best images, the best products and the best overall experience I can to every encounter you have with me.  

We live in an area of the country that is starting to become aware of birth photography, but to many, it's still a new concept.  When a proposal is made and the wedding plans begin, I think it's safe to say that it's a no-brainer that a photographer is in the budget.  But when you find out that you're pregnant?  I used to hear quite often, "I didn't know they'd even let you in there!"  A mom-to-be might not even discover what I have to offer until months into her pregnancy.  And if she's never heard of birth photography before, then there might be some time of deciding whether or not birth photography is for her.  

Now introducing the Last Chance Specials.  This is a new idea for us at Hartstein Photography. Mom-to-be might be thinking about birth photography, but for whatever reason, she's waited to make a decision and now finds herself 9 months pregnant.  This is the time to decide.  This is the last chance opportunity to choose birth photography with Hartstein Photography.

On the 1st of every month, if there are any openings for birth coverage for that month that haven't been filled, they will be listed on our website.  So why book a birth with Hartstein Photography before then?  Why not just wait until the month of the birth, to get a better deal?

Good questions.  There are risks involved with the Last Chance Special.  

The first risk is getting booked at all.  I only accept 2-4 births every month.  I can already tell you there will be a couple of months that won't have a last chance special, because they're already booked.  

The second risk is that the last chance specials do not include complimentary back up coverage.  With the full birth coverage, from the moment you book, I start the task of scheduling a back up photographer.  Because of the nature of birth photography, I can't promise that I won't have the flu or that I won't miss THE moment the baby is born.  With full birth coverage, I make every effort to ensure that someone is there.  

The next risk is the maternity session.  This is completely complimentary and has no monetary value built into the cost of the birth photography coverage.  The maternity session is my baby gift to you & an opportunity for us to get to know each other better before the big day.  The risk is that you might book me and then the next day go into labor, never having a chance to take advantage of the maternity session.

The other advantages to the full birth coverage include print credit, a full hour maternity session, and little surprises along the way.  If we don't book your birth until the day before the baby arrives, I have less opportunity to add to your experience with little surprises.

Here's a comparison of Full Birth Coverage vs Last Chance Specials:

Full Birth Coverage Last Chance Specials
$599 $399
Free 1-HR Maternity Session Free 20-MIN Maternity Mini Session
Online Gallery Online Gallery
$50 Print Credit Free Slideshow of Images

Now you know all about the Last Chance Specials.  To thank you for taking the time to read this entry and learn more about them, I'll let you in on the February Last Chance Specials a few days early :).  There are, in fact, two last chance special opportunities in February!  

If you are interested in booking one of the Last Chance Specials in February, you can do so here.

If you have any questions about birth photography or the Last Chance Specials, please don't hesitate to connect with me!

Andrea Hartstein of Hartstein Photography is a leading birth photographer in Michiana, along the border of Michigan and Indiana.  Know someone who is having expecting a baby?  While specializing in birth photography, Hartstein Photography has sessions for maternitynewborn and baby photography sessions available, too. 


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Andrea Hartstein

Andrea photographs "Bellies, Births & Babies", specializing in birth photography in the Michiana area, on the border of Michigan and Indiana.  Join her as she recounts the stories of babies and their families in our area.
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